LED Hexagon Touch Sensitive Wall Light



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  • Modular touch sensitive lighting: This is a modular touch gaming led lights. Use hexagonal floppy disks to create a structure that matches the needs you need, then turn on / off with a touch.
  • White lights Customizing your space: fast modular components are the same as any system that can easily fit any scenario. Use the provided USB connectors to connect the lighting to create the most suitable structure in the interior.
  • LED hexagon lights Slide on / off: turn the gaming led lights on and off through the user’s physical touch. Capacitive sensors are used as switches to turn on or off each component when the user touches the surface. This design allows the user to slide effectively to the location where the need or light need.
  • Building terminal displays: various components are easily spliced by USB connectors included. Hexagon LED lights shape allows these components to fit together and provides various different structural opportunities. This process allows users to create lights that meet their needs.
  • Hexagon light panels Freely DIY: The hexagonal wall light contains 6 separate panels, which can be spliced ​​into different shapes at will. The hexagonal template design is spliced ​​like building blocks, inspiring wireless imagination, inspiring the artist in your heart and letting you feel the fun of DIY. Better looking and more fun. Create a cool experience space.


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