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Mobile Phone Screen Protectors, iPhone , Samsung , iPad, iWatch screen protectors.

Precision touch sensitivity through intelligent glass composition that reacts like your phone’s own screen, ensuring every touch is transferred accurately for a flawless touchscreen experience. Incredibly slim at just 0.29mm, you hardly notice the ultra-tough layer of protection.

We have all kinds of protectors including iphone, Samsung smart phone,phone camera, PET , UV glue, edge glue screen protectors, full adheisive protectors for curve phones like Samsung S22 ultra, s23 ultra, s21 ultra,s20 ultra, note 8, note 9, note 10 plus, note 20 ultra ect.

The glass on your gadgets has gotten a lot more scratch-resistant since the days of the iPod. So yes, your screen can still be scratched, and it’s probably the sand in your pocket or bag that’s causing it. Screen protectors are not perfect—even the best ones are usually between a 7 and 8 on the Mohs scale, which is slightly better than Gorilla Glass—but they allow you to pop your phone in your pocket without worrying. Then, if and when the protector gets scratched, you can replace it, keeping the actual screen in pristine condition for a later resale.

PET is a type of plastic usually found on things like water bottles and food containers. PET screen protectors provide the least amount of scratch- and impact-protection

In my opinion, most people are probably best off with a tempered glass protector. They have the smoothest feel, prevent the most damage, and are available at pretty decent prices.

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