Cable Tidy Unit Organizer Storage Box



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  1. Cord Storage Box: This is a medium-sized cable box that keeps you, kids, cats and dogs away from cluttered wires. No assembly, no cooling issues, and no messy cables.
  2. Practical Stylish Tool: A mess of cables won’t fully complement your state-of-the-art TV and sound system, and it won’t do much for productivity. Use our power strips and cord organizers to hide power cords at home or in the office so you can focus all your attention on the screen – not what’s going on behind the scenes.
  3. Home Decor: We design our power strip boxes to resemble a striking piece of home decor. The last thing you need is an unsightly box that spoils the cleanliness of the room.
  4. Big Size Fits Your Power Strip: Uniquely designed, our junction box organizer fits larger surge protectors and extension cords. They are also designed to be larger and bulkier power cords. Use the cable hider as a power cover and computer wiring organizer. Get your power strip box set for power cord control.

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