DUX BL Series 38-41mm Apple Watch MAGNETIC PU Leather STRAP



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Material: High-density Finely Woven Twill Material

Colors: Blue | Evergreen | Taupe

Delicately woven, it presents a subtle sheen and a suede-like texture, softly fits the skin and wraps around the wrist elegantly.

34 Ru-iron-boron magnets have strong magnetic force, they will attract each other as soon as they are close to each other. The magnetic attraction is stable, the tightness can be adjusted at will, it is not easy to loosen, and it is easy to wear.

It is thin and light, has no weight-bearing feeling, and the strap can be adjusted freely to suit the depth of your wrist. It can be rinsed lightly and allowed to dry before use again.

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