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Product name: mobile phone expansion clip

Colour: Black
Material: ABS+Aluminum
Expansion range: single clip expansion: 63-95mm; double clip expansion: 142-260mm; three clip expansion: maximum 335mm
Rod clamp support range: support 10-28mm
Support weight: <=2kg
Seats: 2
Applicable models: common for mobile phones/tablets within 4.7-15.6inch
Product chuck size: 155*34*20mm

Package list: 1*mobile phone expansion clip

1. When using multiple cameras, it is stable and does not shake
2. Multiple devices can be used at the same time to meet the needs of multi-platform live broadcasting
3. Simple operation, lift and pull, easy to clamp
4. 360° rotation without dead angle, seamless switching between horizontal and vertical screens
5. Suitable for 10-28mm round tubes, such as live broadcast bracket, car bracket, selfie bracket, etc.


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